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SARTRONS UPS successfully participated in the ISC Brazil S o Paulo International Security Exhibition in 2023

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About us

                         SARTRONS Energy (Hubei) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., located in Taishang Industrial Park, Dongxihu District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, is a high-tech manufacturer                             specializing in the research, development, production, sales and service of new photovoltaic energy, power management and lithium battery energy storage products.

SARTRONS closely follows the national green and environmental protection strategy, adheres to the development concept of independent innovation, continuously pursues technological leadership and production process innovation, and has established a comprehensive research and development and quality assurance system. 

Main products include: lithium batteries, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), inverter power supply, photovoltaic controller, Solar inverter, photovoltaic control inverter integrated machine, photovoltaic energy storage inverter, photovoltaic Grid-tie inverter, photovoltaic power generation system, and micro data center; The products are widely used in finance, power, education, securities, communications, pharmaceuticals, food, rail transit, aviation, smart city, Internet of Things, photovoltaic, industrial automation and other industries.

  • commercial office

    commercial office

    The case solution and case business office are aimed at the requirements of small offices and Small office/home office, including personal computers and peripherals. With the increase of entertainment

  • customs airport

    customs airport

    Customs Airport Customs Airport is a special electricity system, and there are two key IT electricity systems that should be foolproof: airport management and air traffic control. The management of ru

  • Public security and national defense

    Public security and national defense

    Since the global public security and national defense entered the information age, UPS has been applied more widely, including information industry, financial industry, communication system, national

  • financial security

    financial security

    The stable, reliable and pure power supply of Case solution and case financial securities is an important prerequisite for the continuous, normal and efficient operation of the financial network. Fina

  • Communication Industry

    Communication Industry

    With the commercial promotion of 5G, innovative applications in fields such as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence are booming in the communication industry. The scale of data centers i

  • ceramics


    With the development of China's ceramic inkjet technology, the ceramic inkjet printing machine has been widely used in the production of ceramic enterprises. Ink jet is the most important technology i

  • glass industry

    glass industry

    Case solutions and cases The power environment of the Glass production industry in the glass industry has problems such as high power density, unstable power grid, large power disturbance, or sudden p

  • Security monitoring

    Security monitoring

    Case solutions and case security monitoring systems involve a wide range of fields and are becoming increasingly intelligent, integrated, and networked. Its importance is self-evident, and as an impor

  • Research detection

    Research detection

    Case solution and Case study detection With the rapid development of various industries, the municipal power point network is full of various problems, such as abnormal power supply interruption, volt

  • Education and training

    Education and training

    With the rapid development of computer, multimedia technology, network technology, and intelligent building technology, Case solutions and case education training have undergone changes in teaching mo


Service Support

Warranty service

Telephone support

Field service

Interview / Follow-up

Free training

All sold hardware is guaranteed for three months, with a one-year free warranty

The company will provide full workday telephone technical response to users

The company will send an engineer to the site to solve the problem as soon as possible

Within one month after the completion of the project, phone tracking visits will be conducted twice, and thereafter every quarter

The company provides free training for school system management and operation personnel

  • Xinjiang Shengxiong Energy Co., Ltd

    Xinjiang Shengxiong Energy Co., Ltd

    Xinjiang Shengxiong Energy Co., Ltd. is an industrial enterprise under Zhongtai Group. The industrial park has multiple industries, including coal, electricity, calcium carbide, chlor-alkali, cement, mining, etc. The main enterprise is Shengxiong Energy. Its subsidiaries include Xinjiang Shengxiong Chlor-alkali Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Shengxiong Calcium Carbide Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Shengxiong Cement Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Shengxiong Coking Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Tongtai Coal Industry Co., Ltd Xinjiang Tong

  • Macau Star River Bay

    Macau Star River Bay

    SARTRONS Energy Company has successfully settled in Star River Bay, Macao, providing reliable and uninterrupted power supply for its lighting system. Macau Star River Bay is a brand new architectural artwork created by China Star River Bay, located on Kovina Road in Taipa, Macau. It is another important project of Star River Bay after Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Taiyuan, and Ordos.

  • Hubei Tianma Microelectronics

    Hubei Tianma Microelectronics

    In order to ensure the stable operation of its data room equipment, Wuhan Tianma Microelectronics Co., Ltd. has selected SARTRONS120KVA industrial UPS power supply system from Zhongke Energy Company. This system has high reliability and stability, and can provide reliable backup power supply in case of power failure or other emergencies. This not only ensures the normal operation of data room equipment, but also effectively avoids data loss and other losses caused by power failures.

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